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In 2011, Ball Park Beer will be launching three new lines of our passionately brewed beer, made especially for all of you beer enthusiasts out there. There is nothing that we take more pleasure in than having great beers in the market that everyone can enjoy. Here at Ball Park Beer, we are determined to continue our promotional giveaways and contests to assure that everyone, including our loyal Ball Park Beer customers, are given the hospitality and thanks needed to show our gratitude for your commitment and name brand loyalty for appreciating our products. In the past year, we have tried to keep up the expectations you, our loyal customers, have grown to expect from us here at Ball Park Beer. In 2011, we intend to uphold the same reputation we have earned and deserved since we started our up and coming beer brewing company. We hope to only shatter your expectations and break all boundaries in the brewing world so that we can progress in making better beer for America. We hope that everyone can appreciate all of our hard work that we put into each beer we brew in 2011. All of us here at Ball Park Beer are excited to launch these three new beers this upcoming year. We will be launching the first new beer on March first as our Saint Patty’s special and for this occasion, we are making it extra special with our first colored beer. By no coincidence it is green in honor of the holiday. We will be holding the best Drunk Irish Jig Competition in NYC. The winner’s tab will be picked up by your friends at Ball Park Beer and the pleasure of having the whole moment recorded on a hi-def DVD. Second we will launch another beer, the Beer Flower, for the spring solstice on April first. This year April showers will bring Beer Flowers. This light spring beer will be the best thing to quench your thirst during those humid rainy April afternoons. To help those who can’t wait to get out and see the pre-season MLB games, Ball Park Beer will bring the winner’s favorite New York team’s stadium to them. The lucky winner will receive an entertainment room makeover with a set of their favorite teams chairs taken from their previous stadium. On top of that we’re throwing in a Ball Park Beer commemorative fridge stocked with Beer Flowers and hanging a framed major league bat with their favorite team’s starting line up’ autographs. Lastly, the third beer that we will be launching will be our Memorial Beer, for the beginning of the summer this beer is ready to quench that hot summer heat. Be sure to keep a look out for more information closer to the launching dates for our three new Ball Park Beers.



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