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For the fall season, beginning October tenth through December tenth, Ball Park Beer will be releasing a fall seasonal, Pumpkin Ale. During this time, you can pick up Ball Park Pumpkin Ale at stores near you and enjoy it with friends for a Sunday night football get together of watching the game and drinking flavorful beer. It is also a superb addition for enjoying a delicious family dinner. Our brewers here at Ball Park made this ale extra special using mouthwatering ingredients for bold flavor. Other brewers tend to use pumpkin flavoring extracts, but Ball Park brewers like the real thing and used American grown pumpkins. To enhance the rich character of flavor, our brewers roasted the pumpkin to add a tremendous depth of the traditional fall essence. Our new ale is also spiced with traditional pumpkin pie spices. Some, which include, ground ginger, nutmeg, brown sugar and cinnamon. It’s hard to find the traditional pumpkin pie on the windowsill cooling off so we have something to put into your fridge to cool you off after a long day at work. Even though we can’t give you the real pie made with love, at Ball Park Beer we can guarantee each beer is brewed with passion and love for brewing the best beer for you.  To commemorate this limited time offer of our Pumpkin Ale, Ball Park Beer will send you a pumpkin shaped beer mug by merely cutting out the barcodes on six, six packs of pumpkin ale and mailing them into any of Ball Park Beer breweries. This orange beer mug with brown and green handle will keep your pumpkin ale chilled for hours while reminding you of the delicious beer your enjoying while also remembering how much we care about our loyal fans here at Ball Park Beer.



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