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At Ball Park Beer, we try everyday to continue to grow and diversify in order to expand our family of loyal Ball Park Beer enthusiasts. The one thing we seemed to forget was a classic light beer perfect for a day at the beach. Now here at Ball Park Beer we have come up with our newest line of beer premiering in August called Beach Brew. What better choice for a beach bum than a Beach Brew. The light taste with a twist of citrus is perfect after coming in after catching the perfect wave to get that salt-water taste out of your mouth. Every twelve pack of Beach Brew that are purchased in stores, come with a special nozzle that does not allow anything to go into the beer cooler. The sand can’t ruin a beach brew. With such a great taste, that will be worse than missing the big wave of the set.


Throughout the first week of August to accompany the premiere of Ball Park Beer, Beach Brew, we will be preparing a major surfing competition called Ball Park Beer Battle of the Waves. The competition is open for any surfer in the New York Tri-State Area that can enter and qualify to participate under the circumstances that they are 18 or older. Competitors should come prepared to charge the swells. Contestants will be assured that the contest will be held on a day of ideal surfing conditions to ensure the contest is nothing to forget. Due to the unpredictability of the weather we will refrain from issuing the final date until further in the Hurricane season. The location will be located in Long Beach, New York, on National Beach. When you see the big waves starting up sure to check Ball Park Beer on Facebook or follow us on twitter at ballparkbeer@twitter.com. However if the weather seems less than ideal we will change the date and let all those competing know with ample time to make arrangements. The top three places receive cash prizes and a donation in their name to the charity of their choice.



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