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You know it is time to find the right beer to quench your thirst when the weather starts to heat up and your mouth begins to dry. Spring is the time of year where beer lovers meet up to socialize and drink larger amounts than normal due to spring break and vacation. Springtime marks the time for new things so this spring try and take pleasure in drinking the new Spring Awaking Ball Park Beer. This lager is an all around great beer for any situation that calls for a fresh, golden lager. This lager goes perfectly along with a five-course meal. It is also a wonderful beer to set the mood for a simply night in or out with close friends. The new Spring Awakening Lager has an eye catching golden color to it that entices any beer lover. The spring lager includes a flavorful taste of American grown hops, which is what give the beer its strong aroma. The pure spring water is also essential for making the Spring Awaking Lager so refreshing and pale to enhance the bitterness of the hops. The Spring Lager is a pale, light golden beer and is best served cold.


Your friends here at Ball Park Beer are also excited to announce our first annual Springtime Game time Beer Olympics. This year, the four locations for this event will be held at Palm Beach Florida, Miami Florida, San Juan Puerto Rico, and Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas. Games that will be included in the event will be beer pong, flip-cup, dizzy bat relay, pitcher chugging contest and much more. With a joint effort from our associates at Grad City and Student City spring break coordinating groups, the week long event will be offering $5,000 worth of prizes and giveaways. This includes Ball Park Beer t-shirts, Ball Park Beer cups and pitchers, Ball Park Beer baseball hats, Ball Park Beer bar stools. The Grand Prize includes 2012 spring break in any of the 2012 Springtime Game time Beer Olympics locations courtesy of Ball Park Beer and Student City and Grad City. For more information you can visit Ball Park Beer on Facebook or you can follow us on twitter at BallParkBeer@twitter.com


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