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Valentines Day is a day to remember that special someone in your life and to make him or her feel cared for. So, this Valentines day, why don’t you get your beloved beer lover, one of Ball Park Beer’s newest seasonal beer. In honor of Valentines Day, Ball Park Beer is proud to present to you their new dark chocolate lager. This lager is mouth watering enough to excite anyone this Valentines Day. The new lager provides your taste buds with its rich dark chocolate taste with a hint of cherry. If you don’t have a special someone to enjoy our new beer with, it doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy it. Here at Ball Park Beer we feel that you, our loyal customers are all Ball Park Beer’s special someone. Come spend the night with us while we cruise around NYC to get away from the commercialism of Valentines Day and get down to showing your true love with Ball Park Beers. We set sail out of the NYC harbor at 7 p.m. and will docking back at 1 a.m. Don’t miss this chance to come show your love for Ball Park Beer and we will show you ours in return by picking up the first round; who knows you just might find that special someone to truly enjoy our new Dark Chocolate Beer with.







For the fall season, beginning October tenth through December tenth, Ball Park Beer will be releasing a fall seasonal, Pumpkin Ale. During this time, you can pick up Ball Park Pumpkin Ale at stores near you and enjoy it with friends for a Sunday night football get together of watching the game and drinking flavorful beer. It is also a superb addition for enjoying a delicious family dinner. Our brewers here at Ball Park made this ale extra special using mouthwatering ingredients for bold flavor. Other brewers tend to use pumpkin flavoring extracts, but Ball Park brewers like the real thing and used American grown pumpkins. To enhance the rich character of flavor, our brewers roasted the pumpkin to add a tremendous depth of the traditional fall essence. Our new ale is also spiced with traditional pumpkin pie spices. Some, which include, ground ginger, nutmeg, brown sugar and cinnamon. It’s hard to find the traditional pumpkin pie on the windowsill cooling off so we have something to put into your fridge to cool you off after a long day at work. Even though we can’t give you the real pie made with love, at Ball Park Beer we can guarantee each beer is brewed with passion and love for brewing the best beer for you.  To commemorate this limited time offer of our Pumpkin Ale, Ball Park Beer will send you a pumpkin shaped beer mug by merely cutting out the barcodes on six, six packs of pumpkin ale and mailing them into any of Ball Park Beer breweries. This orange beer mug with brown and green handle will keep your pumpkin ale chilled for hours while reminding you of the delicious beer your enjoying while also remembering how much we care about our loyal fans here at Ball Park Beer.




At Ball Park Beer, we try everyday to continue to grow and diversify in order to expand our family of loyal Ball Park Beer enthusiasts. The one thing we seemed to forget was a classic light beer perfect for a day at the beach. Now here at Ball Park Beer we have come up with our newest line of beer premiering in August called Beach Brew. What better choice for a beach bum than a Beach Brew. The light taste with a twist of citrus is perfect after coming in after catching the perfect wave to get that salt-water taste out of your mouth. Every twelve pack of Beach Brew that are purchased in stores, come with a special nozzle that does not allow anything to go into the beer cooler. The sand can’t ruin a beach brew. With such a great taste, that will be worse than missing the big wave of the set.


Throughout the first week of August to accompany the premiere of Ball Park Beer, Beach Brew, we will be preparing a major surfing competition called Ball Park Beer Battle of the Waves. The competition is open for any surfer in the New York Tri-State Area that can enter and qualify to participate under the circumstances that they are 18 or older. Competitors should come prepared to charge the swells. Contestants will be assured that the contest will be held on a day of ideal surfing conditions to ensure the contest is nothing to forget. Due to the unpredictability of the weather we will refrain from issuing the final date until further in the Hurricane season. The location will be located in Long Beach, New York, on National Beach. When you see the big waves starting up sure to check Ball Park Beer on Facebook or follow us on twitter at ballparkbeer@twitter.com. However if the weather seems less than ideal we will change the date and let all those competing know with ample time to make arrangements. The top three places receive cash prizes and a donation in their name to the charity of their choice.




Super Bowl XLV wouldn’t be the same without your new friends from Ball Park Beer. Were going to Dallas and like everyone knows, “Everything’s bigger in Texas”. Were invading the Dallas tailgate corral with the lovely Hooters Girls who will be escorting our fine chilled Ball Park Beer around to you so you don’t have to miss any of the tailgating events. Around the stadium, starting three hours prior to the scheduled kick off, we will have face painting stations, wig and Mardi gras bead necklace handouts, and many more giveaways to assure you show your true spirit with your team colors the day of the big game. Throughout the game our Ball Park Beer Ball Boys will be throwing out Super Bowl XLV Ball Park Beer t-shirts as well. The most exciting opportunity we have now has to be the chance to win a free sideline pass for two along with the winner’s own Luxury Suite for wings, Ball Park Franks, and of course Ball Park Beer.

If you can’t get to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, don’t worry we here at Ball Park Beer have you covered with The Best for The Best contest. The lucky contestant that can come up with the funniest, most creative and original Ball Park Beer commercial pitch for us to air during the big game will win Super Bowl XLV tickets. If your idea is the wins, you’ll only get the best with a roundtrip, first class, Jet Blue Airline tickets and three nights at the Dallas Four Seasons. The best isn’t over; the winner will also receive V.I.P. tickets to the halftime show with the Black Eyed Peas. To enter just email us your commercial or idea at Superbowlcontest@Ballparkbeer.com . All commercials ideas must be entered before January 31st, 2011. You can also visit Ball Park Beer on Facebook as well as following us at BallParkBeer@twitter.com.





In 2011, Ball Park Beer will be launching three new lines of our passionately brewed beer, made especially for all of you beer enthusiasts out there. There is nothing that we take more pleasure in than having great beers in the market that everyone can enjoy. Here at Ball Park Beer, we are determined to continue our promotional giveaways and contests to assure that everyone, including our loyal Ball Park Beer customers, are given the hospitality and thanks needed to show our gratitude for your commitment and name brand loyalty for appreciating our products. In the past year, we have tried to keep up the expectations you, our loyal customers, have grown to expect from us here at Ball Park Beer. In 2011, we intend to uphold the same reputation we have earned and deserved since we started our up and coming beer brewing company. We hope to only shatter your expectations and break all boundaries in the brewing world so that we can progress in making better beer for America. We hope that everyone can appreciate all of our hard work that we put into each beer we brew in 2011. All of us here at Ball Park Beer are excited to launch these three new beers this upcoming year. We will be launching the first new beer on March first as our Saint Patty’s special and for this occasion, we are making it extra special with our first colored beer. By no coincidence it is green in honor of the holiday. We will be holding the best Drunk Irish Jig Competition in NYC. The winner’s tab will be picked up by your friends at Ball Park Beer and the pleasure of having the whole moment recorded on a hi-def DVD. Second we will launch another beer, the Beer Flower, for the spring solstice on April first. This year April showers will bring Beer Flowers. This light spring beer will be the best thing to quench your thirst during those humid rainy April afternoons. To help those who can’t wait to get out and see the pre-season MLB games, Ball Park Beer will bring the winner’s favorite New York team’s stadium to them. The lucky winner will receive an entertainment room makeover with a set of their favorite teams chairs taken from their previous stadium. On top of that we’re throwing in a Ball Park Beer commemorative fridge stocked with Beer Flowers and hanging a framed major league bat with their favorite team’s starting line up’ autographs. Lastly, the third beer that we will be launching will be our Memorial Beer, for the beginning of the summer this beer is ready to quench that hot summer heat. Be sure to keep a look out for more information closer to the launching dates for our three new Ball Park Beers.






Ring in the New Year with Ball Park and Ball Park Beer’s newest product Fizzle Beer. Fizzle Beer is only available for a limited time during the New Year season. It is the first beer with the fizzle of champagne that is made along with it. It still has the same great taste of beer our loyal customers have gotten to know and love. Never the less, now when that ball drops at the stroke of midnight, you can be popping your bottles of Fizzle along with the best of them. Fizzle Beer will be available in stores from December 20th all the way through February first. So pop the top and let the beer flow with us at Time Square in New York City when the clock strikes midnight. The whole Ball Park Beer Team will be at attendance, selling the Fizzle Beer bottles at Ball Park stands spread out around Times Square along with our most famous and unforgettable Ball Park Franks Hotdogs. To further show you our commitment in continuing to brew the beer you love most, we will also be giving out commemorative 2011 New years Eve, Ball Park Beer, key chain bottle openers. The lucky customer will find a gold cork under the tinfoil seal. The gold cork is similar to the gold wrappers in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but instead of a pass to the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory, you will receive a V.I.P. pass to the MTV’s star full after party; with stars from Megan Fox and Jessica Biel to Jay-Z and Wiz Khalifa. You can be one of the lucky people closest to the ball drop when the countdown begins and witness first hand the illuminating, bigger than life New Years Eve ball while popping free bottles of Fizzle. All thanks to your friends at Ball Park Beer who are determined to enhance the way one enjoys beer.






You know it is time to find the right beer to quench your thirst when the weather starts to heat up and your mouth begins to dry. Spring is the time of year where beer lovers meet up to socialize and drink larger amounts than normal due to spring break and vacation. Springtime marks the time for new things so this spring try and take pleasure in drinking the new Spring Awaking Ball Park Beer. This lager is an all around great beer for any situation that calls for a fresh, golden lager. This lager goes perfectly along with a five-course meal. It is also a wonderful beer to set the mood for a simply night in or out with close friends. The new Spring Awakening Lager has an eye catching golden color to it that entices any beer lover. The spring lager includes a flavorful taste of American grown hops, which is what give the beer its strong aroma. The pure spring water is also essential for making the Spring Awaking Lager so refreshing and pale to enhance the bitterness of the hops. The Spring Lager is a pale, light golden beer and is best served cold.


Your friends here at Ball Park Beer are also excited to announce our first annual Springtime Game time Beer Olympics. This year, the four locations for this event will be held at Palm Beach Florida, Miami Florida, San Juan Puerto Rico, and Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas. Games that will be included in the event will be beer pong, flip-cup, dizzy bat relay, pitcher chugging contest and much more. With a joint effort from our associates at Grad City and Student City spring break coordinating groups, the week long event will be offering $5,000 worth of prizes and giveaways. This includes Ball Park Beer t-shirts, Ball Park Beer cups and pitchers, Ball Park Beer baseball hats, Ball Park Beer bar stools. The Grand Prize includes 2012 spring break in any of the 2012 Springtime Game time Beer Olympics locations courtesy of Ball Park Beer and Student City and Grad City. For more information you can visit Ball Park Beer on Facebook or you can follow us on twitter at BallParkBeer@twitter.com

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